This Week in Commerce: Website Visitor Segmentation: The Conversion Strategy You’re Not Using

A basic e-commerce visitor segmentation strategy can quickly improve your conversion funnel and provides a great starting point for optimization throughout your site. Whether you’re new to segmenting or you already have several customer segments defined, let’s start by examining the top of your funnel to illustrate exactly how segmentation can boost your revenue.

This Week in Commerce: Amazon, DHL

Shopify, Square, and GrubHub are risky stocks, but they all dominate high-growth niches. When talking about e-commerce, investors often focus on, the 800-pound gorilla of the market, and the industries it’s disrupting with its ever-expanding ecosystem.

The future of Mobile Commerce

This time, an interview with Oliver Stäcker during a short hike to Rigi at 1’800m. Oliver Stäcker, mobile enthusiast, lecturer about mobile marketing and conceptual head of Gotomo. Marc Gasser on the road with the CEO. Away from daily business out in the nature, an inspiring atmosphere for an interview about ecommerce. Make a transfer…

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10 steps to a rapidly growing e-commerce company

E-commerce has been a runaway success, and it keeps on advancing. This is precisely why the challenges facing companies with regards to strategy, conceptualisation and implementation in the online world must be taken seriously. So, here are ten significant problems and their solutions.

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The paradigm shift for rapidly growing e-commerce companies

We’re living in a new era Nowadays, speed and flexibility are the most important advantages to have over your competitors: Changing customer demands, the rise of the mobile internet and the increasingly shorter innovation cycles present companies with a real challenge: creating an organisational and technical structure that is both fast and agile. The winners…

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XING has a new content marketing format: Swiss branch-insiders publish their know-how

XING is a business network with more than 10M users. They just launched XING insiders, a group of experts that publishes articles about their branch. Currently there are more than 60 experts who share their know-how.There are Opel-CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann, Digital-Life-Design-Conference founder Steffi Czerny and DAX-finance expert Dirk Müller. From Switzerland there are fintech investor…

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