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The future of Mobile Commerce

This time, an interview with Oliver Stäcker during a short hike to Rigi at 1’800m. Oliver Stäcker, mobile enthusiast, lecturer about mobile marketing and conceptual head of Gotomo.

Marc Gasser on the road with the CEO. Away from daily business out in the nature, an inspiring atmosphere for an interview about ecommerce.

Make a transfer with a payment slip? This is history for most smartphone users. Younger generations do not even know how to do that. You can do business anywhere they go, as long as they can access the Internet with their smartphones, which make a transaction possible with just a few clicks on the screen. But it’s the other way around too. The more convenient the payment, the sooner (potential) customers buy something. We recommend to make the purchase process as easy as possible.

This is possible with Snapscan, Google Pay or Apple Pay. But the Chinese chat service provider WeChat is already a few steps ahead. Everything is possible with an app. With WeChat you can even apply for medical appointments or even visas for the USA. But also payment is possible. A simple integration into the shop. Verifications can be done via a PIN or Fingerscan. The future offers you even more touchpoints. Let us develop something together.

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