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Enterprise e-commerce faces several challenges today. Systems may have different life cycles, creating conflict between long-term ERP solutions and faster paced online store front-end developments. Innovation is impaired by old platforms in need of upgrades. In addition, customers demand seamless experiences across all channels and on all devices.

E-Commerce Platform

Luckily, there’s an e-commerce platform that solves these issues, designed for enterprises with existing infrastructures and processes: Origammi. A user wants a seamless experience, that makes sense. This is the secret sauce we add.

When a new online store is launched, the promotion of the platform to new and existing customers is of great importance. The Origammi e-commerce platform includes a powerful marketing automation software, to boost sales and optimize targeted communication across multiple channels.

And Origammi goes even further, offering an all-in-one e-commerce solution: the mobile loyalty program seamlessly connects the online and offline worlds and significantly increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The everywhere commerce solution is an all-in-one toolbox for omni-channel commerce that makes a significant impact on consumer satisfaction and customer lifetime value – on mobile, tablet

Three products

Enterprise Commerce Platform

Our omni-channel e-commerce solution can be integrated into your infrastructures and provides all the tools you need to attract more customers and increase sales.
The world of commerce is changing fast. To keep up you need a flexible e-commerce solution that gives your customers a unified and meaningful experience. In other words, you need a modular, modern and very powerful e-commerce solution across every channel – one that focuses on simple integration into existing ERP, PIM, CRM, marketing automation and loyalty program infrastructures.

Marketing Automation and CDP

The solution for personalization, prediction and omnichannel automation to turn big data into relationships and experiences that make your ROI grow.
New visitors rarely convert. And those that do often don’t come back. We use marketing automation products that personalize the customer experience to bring them back again and again. We automate your communication with existing and potential customers to enable real-time contextual marketing. Our tools target the customer individually and engage them over various channels.

Loyalty Programs

Our mobile loyalty program connects the online and offline world, combining the enterprise commerce platform with marketing automation messaging and content center.
Loyalty cards – and other plastic cards in general – do not support digitalization or promote modern service experiences. Our cloud-based loyalty solution provides you with a program that automatically collects in-store purchase- data and interests of your customers. We then turn this data into relationships and experiences that engage your customers.

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