My company on a new digital path

Rockets, sparklers, seas of lights, the old year … that is all gone. We welcome the new year, which has only just began.

From 1 January we can offer you much more because the E-Business Department of Astina has been united with Origammi after 10 years of operation. We have thus began a brilliant new year with a sack full of new competencies. Due to the merging of both companies, we combine many years of experience in technology, design and competences for web, mobile analytics and application development.

Our customer call the shots

The Internet has been integrated into all possible areas of human life. Only those companies dealing with digital projects that adapt best to customer preferences are successful. Origammi analyses how users interact with websites, online shops and smartphones apps. “In the area of digital media, each interaction can be measured,” explains our CPO. However, even the best web analysis tools and user tests are no use if they do not consider critical success. Only the right interpretation of statistics combined with many years’ experience and creativity leads to a reasonable digital strategy. And precisely this integrated perspective is the greatest competency of the new company.

We know where we are travelling to

Once our analysis is carried out, the developed solution will be first implemented as a prototype and immediately tested with real users. Our customers benefit from this procedure because their projects will be visualised quickly and are thus easily understandable and available to decision makers; diverging user behaviour can be recognized even in the initial phase. Furthermore, this enables cost management. During the realisation of their orders, Origammi uses approved E-Commerce open-source software products and streamlined processes to achieve their goal in an efficient way.

On behalf of the Management,

Marc Gasser

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