The paradigm shift for rapidly growing e-commerce companies

We’re living in a new era

Nowadays, speed and flexibility are the most important advantages to have over your competitors: Changing customer demands, the rise of the mobile internet and the increasingly shorter innovation cycles present companies with a real challenge: creating an organisational and technical structure that is both fast and agile.

The winners and losers of digitalisation

The complex e-commerce applications that are still found at the back-end of many international companies’ websites all over the world pose enormous obstacles on the path to innovation. Companies such as Zalando, Amazon, eBay, Netflix, Google and Uber are ahead of the pack: They remain flexible thanks to a new architectural principle.

The result of the last 12 years of e-commerce

Huge, monolithic software packages? An old-fashioned and inflexible concept that comes with a pricing model that doesn’t match your needs and requirements.
No more room for compromises: Replace your cumbersome software package with small, flexible and perfectly coordinated building blocks. We’ll show you how it works.

Welcome to the world of Origammi! Origammi developed the platform which enables you to arrange, compose and measure the most varied of e-commerce building blocks. Simple, flexible, process-oriented. Gone are the days of monster projects in the world of e-commerce. Origammi.commerce is based on flexible modules that can be expanded on an individual basis. This is precisely how we optimise your time-to-market and cost-benefit ratio. We integrate commercial and open source products, as well as showing you how to get the optimal e-commerce solution out of both.

Origammi comprises three levels: Once the foundation has been laid, additional standard products and customer contact points can be integrated in a fully flexible manner. We’ll explain what’s behind the channels, building blocks and the basis (FOUNDATION).

E-Commerce Services

The channels: Your customers are predictable!

The channels form the streamlined surface of the platform – the direct point of contact with the customer. Your customers are the focus of your company and thus at the centre of our technology. How do customers behave during the customer life cycle? What opportunities emerge and how can you take advantage of them?

Origammi will help you to collect all relevant customer data at the right time, for all points of contact, and to analyse them for the purposes of communication. Your customer is given gentle yet continuous guidance over the full customer life cycle. This allows you to increase the profit margin that arises over the course of a customer lifetime, and to do so in a sustainable manner.

Origammi creates seamless and inspiring e-commerce experiences with measurable impact: Visitors are made aware of your company, leads become customers, and loyal customers will gladly keep coming back to you on a regular basis.

The building blocks: Control centre for editors and marketing specialists

We’ll demonstrate how additional software products are integrated, taking your existing tools as a starting point. This approach results in the optimal e-commerce solution for your company. We integrate both commercial and open source products. If necessary, we can augment your system landscape with compatible modules.

In the midst of rapidly developing digitalisation, customers expect a compelling and persuasive online shop experience – at all times and on every channel. The e-commerce middleware combines all of your channels and provides your current system landscape (CRM, ERP, PIM, …) with the necessary level of flexibility. In contrast to other e-commerce solutions, middleware has been developed exclusively for the purpose of integrating existing systems.

Your advantages: You receive a standard-based solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your IT systems. You remain completely flexible in terms of the implementation of your customer facing applications and the use of various channels. Regardless of whether you opt for a web-based e-commerce solution, a mobile app or integration into an existing software:

  • greater flexibility
  • faster time-to-market
  • optimal cost-benefit ratio
  • greater scalability

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