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Jan 2019 – heute

Managing Director

Aioma AG

Origammi is now Aioma.  Increase business agility and innovate. Aioma is Switzerland’s leading specialist agency for digital commerce and e-commerce.

Aioma develops e-commerce solutions: online shops, product platforms, marketplaces and other transaction-oriented applications. Take advantage of our highly scalable e-commerce software. The e-commerce platform supports a modern microservices architecture, offers a wide range of integrations and is designed for API-first and cloud native.

Jan 2015 – Dec 2018

President of the Board of Directors, CEO

Origammi Switzerland AG

I currently work for Origammi Switzerland AG. We merge design, technology and out of the box thinking to create powerful, easy-to-use and inspiring commerce experiences for everything mobile, desktop and more. We integrate commerce platforms with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation or Personalization software. Since 2016 we are working in a close collaboration with webtown, our software partner with 50 employees focusing on the same technology stack.

Jan 2015 – today

Founder, Member of the Board of Directors

Astina AG

Astina AG is specialized in creating fully customized web applications, commerce middleware and software integrations.

Jan 2012 – Dec 2015

Founder, Partner GmbH

Founder of the online shop

Jan 2012 – Dec 2015

Founder, President of the Board of Directors

Crelista Holding AG

Holding for several startup investments.

Oct 2011


Cassiber AG

Purchase of shares of Cassiber AG, the innovation management workbench to speed up a company’s innovation process.

Jul 2011 – Jan 2012

Working in Seoul, South Korea

Astina AG

In 2011 I was working in Seoul to implement Innovation Management software for Korean enterprises. Astina and to analyze the startup scene in Asia, especially in Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul.

Jul 2011 – Oct 2012

Founder, Member of the Board of Directors

Localina AG

Spin-off of Astina, online booking system for gastronomy. Sold to Swisscom / PubliGroupe which today is

Jul 2009 – Feb 2016


The House of Tailors AG

Founder of the online tailor Jeremy Gleave GmbH, The House of Tailors AG with physical retail locations to measure tailored business suits and re-ordering online. Sold to Alferano Mode AG.

Feb 2005 – Jan 2015

Founder, Member of the Board of Directors

Astina AG

Founder of Astina AG. I founded Astina originally in February 2005, a Swiss software company with offices in Zurich, Switzerland and from 2012 to 2016 also in Ljubljana Slovenia.


Autumn/Winter 2002 – Autum/Winter 2008

Business Informatics

M.Sc., University of Zurich, Switzerland

I got my Masters degree in IT & Business (Wirtschaftsinformatik) at University of Zurich. Focused on Information Management, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia, Database Systems, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Autumn 2005 – Autumn 2006

Business Informatics

M.Sc., Uppsala University, Sweden

Exchange year in Sweden. Focused on Database Design, Management of International Business, Market Strategy.

2008 – 2009

Communication Trainer Education

Swiss Military

Management-, Information- and Communication education of the Swiss Army (MIKA) – Instructor for communication trainings for military cadre. In the Swiss Military I was educated in several assessments as a communication trainer. Since 2008 I’m teaching corporals and officers in basic communication skills, feedback rules, methodics and didactics.

I studied Business Informatics at the Uppsala University in Sweden and at the University of Zurich. In 2008 I got rewarded for the thesis “Action Patterns for Project Managers” with the Semester Prize of the University of Zurich, the best thesis in informatics in autumn 2008. For a semester thesis I was granted the Philias Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award where I analyzed the Swiss retail market and developed a CSR concept for Manor.

I have been working in the area of digital business models for the last 15 years. I also worked in Slovenia and South Korea and got to know the internet scene in Eastern Europe, China, Japan and South Korea. In the last 14 years I founded several startups in the area of e-business: a booking software for gastronomy, online shop for e-bike kits imported from South Korea, innovation management software and a combination of a POS- and online-tailor store. A few of those projects I sold to the market leader in each branch. I’m also in the Jury of Digital Festival / HackZurich, the biggest European hackathon.

In the last years I created a commerce platform for small and medium enterprises to stay agile and flexible with a modern architectural principle when facing the challenges of the digitization.

In my freetime I spend time in the Swiss alps on snowboards, snow shoes, mountain bikes, hiking boots or hanging underneath a paraglider.

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Business Skills

E-Business Models

IT Project Management

Financial Planning

Strategic Planning

Product Management

Technology Skills



Marketing Automation

Recommender Systems

Software Development




Language Skills

German, Swiss German








Clair G. Chun

Marketing Investment Strategy and Digital Analytics Expert

I’ve worked with him on a IT market research project in Korea and I’ve witnessed that Marc is an innovative leader with enriched cultural perspectives. He is a true cosmopolitan who is great at consulting and communicating. His insights to the ICT market made our meetings valuable, and our company still values his innovative management solutions as key assets.

David Nydegger


At Localina, I worked tightly together with Marc in his role as a co-founder and a member of the board of directors. I can recommend Marc as an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a deep expertise in online markets and business models. He combines the willingness to start new ventures with an good grasp of strategy and organisational development. Moreover, he is also a good motivator and manages it well to lead by inspiration.

Camille Leutenegger

Organizational Studies & Research

Having met Marc in a network of young achievers three years ago, I have known him as a truly creative mind and as an effective entrepreneur. His broad interests, drive and fun temper secured him peers who support his success launching and developing businesses in different industries within multiple geographic fields. I recommend Marc to any person looking for a solution-oriented partner who thinks out of the box.

Alan Frei


Marc is an awesome entrepreneur. Very passionate about his products, hard working and very innovative.

Valentin Binnedijk


Marc was a crucial success factor for our startup in the early stage helping us creating our prduct and helping is implementing it. I’ve very much appeciated it to work with Marc and appreciated his comments and advice.

Ramon Reiser

Selbständiger Generalagent

Marc Gasser zeichnet sich durch seine hervorragenden Branchenkenntnisse und seine Kreativität aus.
Die Zusammenarbeit und Meetings finden immer in einem freundschaftlichen Rahmen statt und sind sehr zielorientiert.