Sandbox Global Summit 2017

Sandbox is a mobile society of trailblazers using technology and conversation to create a world of our design. We are an eclectic community of nomads, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, politicians, and influencers from over 100 countries.

Last year, after the largest physical gathering of Sandbox in the jungle of Panama, Sandbox launched and supported members hosting our first Governance Summit, Communications Summit, Sister-Hubs and retreats and Women’s Group.

In 2017, Sandbox was curating an event for a global and diverse community of young innovators who empower each other to build a better world on the island Obonjan in Croatia, filled with workshops, community building events and personal transitions.

We experienced a mind-boggling schedule designed for personal and professional growth, discussing the future of community of innovators and human evolution. A few impressions about a week of deep conversations, energizing vibes and tons of entrepreneurial spirit!

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