B2B Marketing & Sales Automation

B2B Marketing & Sales Automation

Aufbau von Sales Automation Engines für B2B-Tech
Autor von "Sales & Marketing Automation für B2B Unternehmer" (Springer Gabler) und Herausgeber von Sales Efficiency Report und Marketing Automation Report


Founding and scaling B2B software companies.

Marketing & Sales Automation

Automation of marketing and sales processes to increase efficiency.

AI & Automation in B2B

Use of automation and AI in the B2B sector to optimise business processes.

Signal-based Selling

Sales method based on signals and purchase intentions to prioritise leads. Targeted, personalised approach to leads for maximum relevance and engagement.

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Lead Generation

Inbound-led outbound: Targeted and personalised lead generation through hyper-personalised outbound methods such as email and LinkedIn.

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Lead Nurturing

Trust-based selling: Continuous maintenance and nurturing of leads with relevant content to optimise engagement and conversion rates.

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Lead Scoring

Signal-based selling: Automated evaluation and prioritisation of leads through signal-based selling and lead scoring to maximise sales focus.

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CRM & SalesTech

Improve data quality and decision-making with a solid technology stack and a well-maintained CRM system.

Sales Automation System for B2B

Hi, I'm Marc Gasser - founder and CEO, author of the book "Sales & Marketing Automation for B2B Entrepreneurs" (2022, Springer Gabler) and editor of the "Marketing Automation & Sales Efficiency Report".

As a lecturer and Innosuisse expert for Marketing & Sales Automation in B2B, I combine my knowledge in Business Informatics with my passion for Artificial Intelligence to make B2B companies more efficient.

With my international experience and a deep understanding of the challenges in B2B sales, I help companies to automate their sales processes, identify ready-to-buy leads and build a robust data foundation. These approaches make it possible to optimise sales cycles and make informed decisions along the entire buyer journey.

My passion for hike & fly reflects important skills such as adaptability, continuous learning and effective decision-making, which are essential in both paragliding and business.

I started my entrepreneurial career at the age of 16 and have since founded numerous software companies and advised B2B organisations worldwide. My focus is on using powerful automation tools that enable companies to maximise opportunities for significant growth without high levels of investment.

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Seit dem 16. Lebensjahr mit Webprojekten gearbeitet


Über 100 B2B Unternehmen beraten


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“Meine Leidenschaft fürs Hike & Fly spiegelt wichtige Fähigkeiten wie Anpassungsfähigkeit, kontinuierliches Lernen und effektive Entscheidungsfindung wider, die sowohl beim Gleitschirmfliegen als auch im Business unerlässlich sind. ”

Marc Gasser

“Mein Fokus liegt darauf, leistungsstarke Automationstools einzusetzen, die Unternehmen ermöglichen, ohne hohe Investitionen die Chancen auf signifikantes Wachstums zu maximieren.”

Marc Gasser
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