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Together, we identify the biggest growth levers, select the right AI use case and set up the tools and processes so that your team can hit the ground running.

Let's connect


Connect with potential customers through targeted communication and smart data integration.



Interact with your customers through personalised content and tailored conversations.



Identify contacts who are ready to buy and increase your chances of closing a deal through effective lead scoring.

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The Automation Canvas describes the value streams Connect, Engage and Grow, supported by the activities in the areas of Technology (CRM and SalesTech), People (marketing and sales resources) and Process (sales and marketing automation and AI applications), in order to create an efficient and agile system landscape that optimises lead generation, customer approach and closing processes.

A question of mindset

Targeted planning, a solid strategy and constant questioning of the status quo are the driving forces behind sustainable success in B2B.

Strategy is the key to growth

Imagine you're speeding and you get a speed camera. What do you do? You brake, even if the photo has already been taken, right? But some people hit the accelerator again afterwards because they know the next speed camera won't be coming any time soon. It's the same in business: the competition uses AI and passes you. Scare them and then accelerate haphazardly? Not a good idea. A solid strategy gives you direction and helps you to make informed decisions instead of panicking.

The right planning makes all the difference

In B2B, everything revolves around added value, but you have to place it strategically along the buyer journey. Without a strategy, you quickly find yourself on shaky ground and make uncertain decisions. Especially in complex situations, you lose the overview without a plan. Canvas models are your best friends here: they help you to keep a sense of direction and see the big picture.

Question the status quo

Two out of three potential customers prefer digital communication, but they also value real conversations. It's not just about digital presence, but also about digital authenticity. The winners are those who create "digital twins" of their teams - real contacts in the virtual space who provide empathetic and competent advice. The B2B world is constantly changing and new technologies are challenging us to scrutinise the status quo. What worked yesterday can have the opposite effect today. Constant re-learning, new experiments and a flexible organisation are the key. Test what works and do more of it. If not, move on to the next experiment!

“The collaboration with Marc was highly professional at all times and was also a lot of fun. I can also recommend Marc to other companies that are looking for innovative ways in B2B marketing.”

Eberhardt Weber
CEO @ Emporix AG

“Marc has made a decisive contribution to externalising United Security Providers' internal expertise and enriching CRM data. The ability to not only reach our target group, but also to maintain a valuable dialogue on an ongoing basis, has significantly strengthened our market presence.”

Yves-Alain Gueggi
CEO @ United Security Providers AG