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B2B Marketing Automation is complex. I help companies solve marketing and sales challenges, so they can grow

As a marketing automation thought leader and using the digital B2B roadmap, I work with business owners to develop a customized action plan to achieve individual business goals

The result? Predictable revenue and strengthening competitive advantage, without heavy investment in resources and time!

I have been developing digital customer journeys since I was 16 years old. I studied Business Informatics at Uppsala University in Sweden and at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

In addition, I am author (Marketing and Sales for B2B Entrepreneurs → Amazon, Using the B2B Digital Roadmap to Drive Revenue, Springer Gabler 2022), co-founder and expert advisor of the CAS Digital Sales & Marketing in B2B at ZHAW, editor of the Marketing Automation Report and Innosuisse expert at the Swiss Agency for Innovation Promotion.

I have lived in Sweden, South Korea and Slovenia. My special areas of interest are family, B2B marketing, artificial intelligence and exploring distant lands by paraglider.

The best B2B companies combine strategic overview with structured implementation,online as well as offline. The future belongs to those who master both strategy and implementation.

Understand marketing & sales strategy as an ecosystem

I look forward to hearing about strategic vision or technical deepening.

Motivation of Marc Gasser

Since the age of 16, I have been working as an entrepreneur on the mission to exploit the full online potential of B2B organizations.

My founded companies have always been focused in the interplay of channels such as Online Shop, Customer Portal, ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, Other Systems and the corporate website as a central hub. The goal was always to guide the customer along the customer journey through the complex purchase process.

These projects have always resulted in resource-intensive software development, comprehensive integrations, and high investments in digital transformation. Too often, the results have led only small steps towards the goal.

I wanted to make this interplay of systems more standardized, efficient and automated! The only way to do this seemed to me to be through a powerful ecosystem – which cleverly combines system building blocks and marketing tools. For example, I delved into research projects with Swiss universities on topics such as machine learning or predictive analytics.

But it wasn’t until 2019 that another prototype was awarded 4-fold on the best-of-Swiss web, seemed to be the time. The result was a new company and the current platform for B2B marketing automation and content on autopilot.

Missing content and non-functioning processes are major hurdles in B2B Lead Management. The platform accelerates and automates the time-consuming tasks in marketing and sales: the continuous generation and qualification of leads.

The Marketing Automation Platform not only ensures the basic creation of content, but also distributes it to potential customers in a targeted manner.

You can expect success if you have built a powerful ecosystem that creates value.

Daniel Priestley, Oversubscribed

With this help, companies are perceived as thematic leaders and can focus on the important tasks: contacting the leads which are ready to buy.

Marc Gasser
Marc Gasser | Pioneers for B2B Marketing Automation

As a pioneer for B2B Marketing Automation, I help companies grow through predictable revenue without high investment in resources and time.

— Marc Gasser

target group

This website is aimed at B2B entrepreneurs who want an overview of the most important tactics and channels to increase business performance. The overview I’ve always wanted. Stop guessing what’s going on. Take the right measures and coach the team to build a successful company.

Establish your company as an opinion leader and increase the value of your work. Be asked so many times that you can choose your most interesting business partners and projects. A compelling corporate presence will attract potential customers and prove your worth. It will help you gain the trust of your listeners.

Marketing Automation Resources and Methodology

I am introducing marketing automation in B2B companies in iterative steps

  1. Foresight Strategy definition and fundamental building blocks
  2. Structured implementation in 12 weeks
  3. Regular success monitoring and optimization

Digital transformation is the mega-trend of the 21st century. Why? Because it just changes everything – our shopping habits, our communication, our diet or how we listen to music.

It is also changing the demands on companies: digitalization is putting the customer at the centre of the whole. The social web means that the customer, long before dealing with providers, already has a concrete idea of his desired product.

Companies therefore need to completely change their processes. They need to collect customer needs, they need to communicate with the customer. Even after that, companies should not develop a product for months before interacting with the customer again, but should come to a prototype as quickly as possible in order to get valuable customer feedback for further development.

This shift to more speed, more individualization and more customer focus means nothing less for companies than having to question everything.

Your B2B Marketing Automation strategy is only as good as your ability to implement it.

Marc Gasser

Underlying organizational structure

Management by Objectives and Key Results (OKR) focuses not only on concrete goals but also on overarching visions. I report on how the method of organizational development can work in an agile working environment. A simple but powerful goal management methodology turns great strategies into amazing results.

OKRs, Strategic Planning, Management and Board of Directors

Why the organizational structure is important

  1. Focusing – the most important goals are worked out and clearly communicated for everyone. Indicators are introduced to make the progress of achieving the objectives visible and measurable.
  2. Alignment – Coordination of all teams and individuals at the beginning of the quarter ensures a meaningful use of resources and increases efficiency.
  3. Motivation – the team sees how to work on common goals. Each individual can be adequately involved in the planning of goals, which further strengthens motivation and commitment.
  4. Transparency – OKRs make successes visible and thus enable the recognition of successes. It is also easier to learn from past performance and to develop further when goals and progress have been clearly documented.